Copcast Smart Policing Android App

at the end of 2016 i completed a 6-month part-time contract working as trainer, data monitor and liaison for APCOF (The African Policing Civilian Oversight Forum)

rough outline:

APCOF, in partnership with the Igarapé Institute (Brazil), is piloting the Smart Policing Project. The initiative harnesses the potential of smartphones used by police and other public safety personnel together with an Open Source Android application to promote accountable, proactive and safer law enforcement in low and middle income settings. The application allows for real time recording and streaming of video and audio content to a server, and analytics interface software monitored by senior officers. The Smart Policing Project’s main objectives are to increase oversight over users of the application; enhance police-community relations; and reduce the incidence of excessive use of force by officers against citizens. The application is currently being piloted by the Western cape Provincial Traffic Department and the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department among others.