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So, you have a plan?

plan is to make enough money to
a) live off,
b) live well,
c)start saving for Leo's future and my own,
d) have enough to share with others.

Broader Plan:

to set up a workshop where i can fabricate stuff and have enough free time do whatever creative stuff i want and make bucks out of that too.

Narrower Plan:


tools (updated):

Building stuff

let's start with an example of something small:

chicken-leg pot holder:

total: 470 x 1 + 200 x 2 = 400 + 400 x 1 = 1270mm x (1 length) = 4 units (ie, will get 4.72M out of a length - not much, really)


okay, let's start with the ring:

can rings be bought cheaper than they can be made? how long would it take to find out?
making the rings: need a jig - pipe of specific diameter.
(circumference gives length)


right, we've got one 6M length of round bar 6mm diameter cut into four sections of 1270mm

so as you can see, even something as small as that can use up a lot of steel really quickly



Melting Points of Metals

Useful Info

Melting Point of Carbon Steel: 1425 - 1540 degrees C

Approximate Temperature of Steel by Colour

Colour of Metal Degrees C

Light Yellow1100°C
Bright yellow1093°C
Dark yellow1050°C
Medium red704°C
Dull red649°C
Slight red593°C
Very slight red, mostly grey538°C